how to install hackintosh on an x86 pc

This tutorial is for who want to install OS X on an X86 PC. As you know, OS X is not built for common x86 pc. So if you follow this tutorial, there might be an error, problem, losing data and malfunctions. To makes sure follow this tutorial at your own risk.

Let’s begin with what we need to know and download.

When you building a Hackintosh PC, the most important thing is CPU. Since reveal of the Intel Mac, there is a room for x86 pc to install an OS X. But, installing OS X in an X86 pc is only for Intel PC. Installing on AMD pc is possible but really tricky.

Next, the motherboard. There are tons of manufactures who making an intel chipset motherboard. As long as there aren’t many problem if you have an intel chip set motherboard. But Gigabyte or ASUS board are fairy take advantage than other motherboard such as MSI or ASrock. Because, if you have a minor motherboard, you hardly find a driver what you need.

In this tutorial I’m going to use a tool called ‘myhack’.

This is their recommendation for installing hackintosh.




Intel Core2Duo, Core2Quad, Core i3, i5, i7.


Any board that is using Intel chipset and support AHCI mod.


At least 2GB (More than 4GB is highly recommended)

Graphics (Nvidia)

Almost all Nvidia Graphic card (8000,9000,200,300,400,500,600)

Graphics (ATi)

5000, 6000


USB Keyboard and mouse. (Using PS/2 is bit tricky)


Minimum 40GB storage, Using SATA and support AHCI mode.

And to get the proper driver, You have to know your PC’s motherboard specification.

My motherboard is ASUS P5E and this is information I need to know when I was installing hackintosh.




Intel® X38 Intel ICH9R Intel Fast Memory Access Technology


Marvell88E8056® PCIe Gigabit LAN controller featuring AI NET2


ADI® AD1988B 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC

You must need to know what chipset your motherboard has. If you don’t know this information, it is going really hard to install a driver.

And next part is what you need when you making an OS X boot disc for hackintosh.

Here is the list.

- Unibeast

- Mac

- USB thumb drive. At least it should have 8GB storage.

- Kext for your computer.

But Unibeast is only for real mac users. Realistically we are building a hackintosh, because we don’t have a Mac.

So Myhack is a tool that is you can make an OS X boot disc without Mac.

We are going to use VMware to make a boot disc.

For that reason, what you really need when you makeing a boot disc is

- Myhack

- VMware Workstation 9

- VMware unlocker

- OS X 10.8.4 install image dmg /iso

- USB thumb drive. At least it should have 8GB storage.

- Kext for your computer (I’ll explain this later)

There are two types of OS X install disc image. One is dmg file and the other is iso file. Make sure download both if you build a hackintosh using VMware.

On next tutorial, we are going to make an OS X boot disc in VMware OS X.